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  • What makes Ronn Torossian so popular?

    10 March 2014 ( #About )

    Establishing healthy relations with public is important for businesses to earn more and more profit. Some of the organizations face difficulties in communicating effectively with public and media. Ronn Torossian is always there to help such companies....

  • A PR expert with years of experience and expertise- Ronn Torossian

    15 March 2014 ( #About )

    No other PR expert in this industry stands equally strong as Ronn Torossian. Mr. Torossian has years of experience and expertise in dealing with intricate PR issues. He has assisted countless businesses and organizations who are unable to maintain strong...

  • Since 1998 Torossian is working for PR industry

    24 March 2014 ( #About )

    The founder of country’s 24th biggest independent PR firm, Ronn Torossian is a prodigy who has specialization in the public relations. He was born on August 25, 1974 in Brooklyn, New York. He began his career in the PR industry in 1998 by working with...

  • Individual and corporate clients of Ronn Torossian

    07 April 2014 ( #About )

    The public relations expert, Ronn Torossian worked with many prominent brands, individuals, and corporations to build their favorable image in their related field. His client roster include names Avenue Stores, 1800 Tequila, Trinity Broadcasting Network...

  • Political figures assisted by Ronn Torossian

    23 April 2014 ( #About )

    Many of the political figures from former Yugoslavia have been assisted by Ronn Torossian. Some of those include Albanian American Civic League in Lebanon, and the Serbian president Boris Tadic. He also handled representation of the richest man in Ukraine,...

  • Take maximum benefits from services offered by the best PR expert- Ronn Torossian

    08 May 2014 ( #About )

    Both small and large business organizations need services of public relations companies to create positive reputation in the market. Ronn Torossian is a distinguished PR expert with huge experience and expertise who for the last many years, helping brands...

  • PR Executive leaving his imprints in the media - Ronn Torossian

    21 June 2014 ( #About )

    President and CEO of the New York based PR Company Ronn Torossian appears on the television often like The Today Show, Fox News, CNBC and Good Morning America. He is also a resident Public Relations Expert for the entertainment news show Entertainment...

  • PR Executive whose book is a guide to the world of public relations

    02 July 2014 ( #About )

    CEO of 5W Public Relations Ronn Torossian published his book “For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations” in November 2011. In this book, which is available on bookstore nationwide, he put...

  • Ronn Torossian - A popular New Yorker

    07 November 2013 ( #About )

    Born and brought up in New York, Ronn Torossian is a well known personality all across the globe. He has founded a public relations firm named as 5WPR that aims to help celebrities, brands and companies in getting position that they deserve in the market....

  • A versatile personality who is an author, businessperson and a PR guru

    13 November 2013 ( #About )

    Apart from being a highly successful PR guru and an equally winning entrepreneur, Ron Torossian has spread his knowledge of PR practices via authorizing a book. He launched his book in the year 2010 titled ‘For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands,...

  • Ronn Torossian - Has supported many organizations

    20 November 2013 ( #About )

    Ronn Torossian is not only a reputed businessperson but he is also a donor who has donated sums of money to numerous charities. Mr. Torossian and his family have supported several communities, non-profit organizations and several other organizations,...

  • Ronn Torossian - Has got several awards for his achievements

    25 November 2013 ( #About )

    No other PR expert is as good as Ronn Torossian in handling a variety of issues associated with public relations. Mr. Torossian has huge experience and expertise in dealing with public relations. He has got numerous awards for the valuable contribution...

  • Ronn Torossian - A reputed PR expert in America

    28 November 2013 ( #About )

    Ronn Torossian has established 5WPR, a public relation firm in United States of America that has assisted many companies and brands in establishing good reputation in the market. Mr. Torossian has vast knowledge of different aspects associated with public...

  • Ronn Torossian - Will help your business during crisis

    04 December 2013 ( #About )

    Ronn Torossian has specialization in different areas such as product integration, social media marketing, public relations, strategic planning, event management, reputation management and many more. Apart from this, Mr. Torossian is also expert in handling...

  • Ronn Torossian - Has founded a renowned PR firm

    10 December 2013 ( #About )

    Ronn Torossian is not only a PR expert instead, he is also CEO of a reputed public relation firm known as 5WPR. Under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Torossian, this firm has provided its services to the most popular names in the industry. With sincere...

  • Ronn Torossian is a great philanthropist

    17 December 2013 ( #About )

    Ronn Torossian is a reputed American known for his PR services. His has expertise in handling complex public relation issues of both small and big companies. He is among the top most PR experts of the industry. Along with a successful PR expert, he is...

  • Ronn Torossian - The public relations specialist

    24 December 2013 ( #About )

    Ronn Torossian, the famous PR guru was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1974 and he spent his childhood in Bronx. He went on to attend Stuyvesant High School in NYC. During his college period at SUNY Albany, Ronn became the national president of North American...

  • Ronn Torossian - The most demanded public relations guru

    04 January 2014 ( #About )

    Born and brought up in Brooklyn, Ronn Torossian is a New Yorker turned the most-sought after PR guru of the country. He is the owner of 24th biggest and independent firm of the country. As of 2013, his company earned revenue of $14 million. He attended...

  • Mr. Ronn Torossian - Man who falls in the category of the most reputed PR experts in the industry!

    13 January 2014 ( #About )

    Ronn Torossian is an unsurpassed PR professional of United States. He has huge clientele list that are from all over the world. To name a few popular brands whom Mr. Ronn Torossian has assisted are McDonald’s, Coca Cola, IMUSA, Westside Market NYC, Omni...

  • Ronn Torossian can put a start up on the map in no time

    20 January 2014 ( #About )

    From a marketing standpoint, what a Startup requires is completely different than an established one. The Public is primarily responsible for the success of any company, regardless of the type of services or products that is offers. Ronn Torossian knows...

  • Leave your PR to a man, who actually understands the business

    22 January 2014 ( #About )

    A PR strategy is only as good as how well the resources needed for its implementation, are utilized. This depends on how strong its foundation is, and the list of PR tactics selected during the promotional work. Be it, an individual or a company, for...

  • Ronn Torossian helped businesses in achieving their targets

    28 January 2014 ( #About )

    Ronn Torossian is a talented PR professional in United States of America who established a PR firm known as 5WPR, which offers an extensive range of services to several companies and brands in integrated marketing, strategic planning, event management,...

  • Ronn Torossian - A brief overview

    10 February 2014 ( #About )

    http://ronntorossian.com/ Ronn Torossian was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in Bronx, and went to Stuyvesant High School. During his college time at SUNY Albany, Ronn became the national president of North American branch of Betar....

  • Public attention is valuable for a successful PR campaign - Ronn Torossian

    15 February 2014 ( #About )

    Ronn Torossian, the public relations expert, emphasize that getting the attention of targeted people is valuable form of currency in public relations. With a vision to provide people with PR tips and tricks, he published a book, “For Immediate Release:...

  • The power of storytelling explained by Ronn Torossian

    19 February 2014 ( #About )

    In the words of highly influential PR pro Ronn Torossian, storytelling is what impresses public and that is what he himself practices to gain the maximum output from his PR campaigns. He emphasizes on the power of storytelling because it has the potential...

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  • Ronn Torossian
  • Ronn Torossian is the CEO of 5WPR, one of the 15 largest PR firms in the US.
  • Ronn Torossian is the CEO of 5WPR, one of the 15 largest PR firms in the US.